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Dreams and Gratitude

On my first blog, I thought I would express gratitude for the help and resources I have been able to tap in to on my walk towards my Dream of becoming a Personal Development Coach.

I wanted to share my win with wonderful, profound poetry starting my blog with versus like Clement Clarke Moore (1779 - 1863) 'Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the house...' Sometimes the simplest messages come to me in sing song verse and I've wanted to sing since the message dropped in to my inbox.

But, it twas the day before today, 20th March, and the thing of note that was happening took place within this small space; within my tiny spot in the universe but, nevertheless it was explosive, impactful and significant. Elation stirred deep within, I sat basking in the news that had entered my space so silently and powerfully, lifting my soul and spirit.

When I opened my laptop and checked my email I had news so fantabulous (that's not a word by the way) I was overcome with gratitude for all who have supported me and trusted me; from family and friends to old colleagues and my clients.

I am grateful for the coaching I received at the beginning of my journey from Nina and more recently Asa as we shared our journey.

I am grateful for the mentoring and teachings of The Coaching Academy and to those who wrote the books that I devoured and the resources that presented themselves in articles on the web and within the community on LinkedIn.

When I opened the email I was overcome by excitement for the doors it's opened and the path I've yet to tread.

In my home, in my room, on my orange chair, I reflected on all of the hard work that had lead to this; for the challenges overcome and doubts stepped upon ( I stamped on some) the growing self-belief and determination to succeed to reach this milestone.

I took my power back and I took a journey from Redundancy to now; I have walked the walk through the coaching process and reached my goal one step at a time; nay I smashed it out of the park (I never use that phrase by the way but, here and now I'm stoked)

So there it was 20th March an ordinary day, it really wasn't. It was the first day of Spring and I had been given my wings. I sang down the phone to my husband and down the wire to those who helped to make this possible or would listen to my jubilation.

I have learned so much about my strengths, values and beliefs and my passion for watching others grow and succeed.

I learned that I am not an Island and it takes a community to support change; just a sentence, a word, an ear a shoulder of encouragement for motivation.

I've tried and tested the model I use with my clients.

I am evidence that coaching can open you up to so much possibility; unfold layer after layer and make you soar beyond that which you or others believed you could.

I am evidence that there is only one voice that needs to be heard; let it speak.

So this ordinary person achieved an extraordinary dream on 20th March and qualified as a Personal Development Coach.

Extraordinarily, now I get to help more women rise and reach for their potential.

I thank my clients - you know who you are - who have faith and trust me to hold a safe space and empower them to reach their aspirations.

What I learned: Redundancy is not a sentence it's just a word; a wonderful chance for a new beginning; confidence will grow when you believe in self and your career can be whatever you truly chose whether you fall in love with it again or you find yourself on a new road.

I continue to walk towards my aspirations, I will never stop dreaming and striving.

Key ingredients to making a change; your commitment, your accountability and a pen and paper.

Your hard work and resolve are the key to opening your door.

If you want to make a change with less stress and quicker come and find me or a coach to suit your personality and needs.

Say no to that thing that you don't need or want; that short spurt or satisfaction and invest in your happiness and long term.


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