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High Sensitivity - My Superpower is...

I see.

I see the good, the bad, the ugly and beauty in abundance; all of the time.

I see beyond the news, myopic attitudes, watching from the sidelines for warning signs. I see when you like me,

I see if you don’t.

If you disrespect me, when you connect with me I see what’s in your soul.

I see you with all of me.

I will always find you; your suppressed, your hidden agenda.

Sometimes I see too much, want to switch intuition and vision to zero; switch it off.

But noticing is my gift, so I must honour it.

That is my superpower!

I feel. I feel so deeply. I feel what is right within you; within the world. I feel what is not within you; within the world. Alarm bells ring when you or this planet are not in harmony; when we break synchronicity. At times I cannot distinguish where my thoughts stop and where yours begin; empath.

That is my superpower!

I hear. I hear more than your mouth speaks.

I hear what your body shouts. I hear when it is still; calm.

Ba boom, ba boom, ba boom.

Rustling leaves, birdsong, the distant roar of an engine, silent contemplation; a sound unto itself; listen...

I hear it all All that you speak willingly and which you do not, I process.

Sometimes under the weight of knowing

on this planet that is crying

on this planet that appears to be healing in crisis

where instinct is presenting as the worst of humanity

where instinct is presenting as the best of humanity

and where actions through misinformation result in greed

and where actions through clarity result in genorosity

I fear I may be swallowed up; consumed whole by overstimulation; actions and words.

But awareness helps me steer a course for the greater good.

Nobody said life was easy.

Being present and aware is my duty.

I was born for this; I'm wired like this.

That is my superpower!

Subtle nuances; a touch, a sentence spoken and not meant

Objects misplaced; reshaped

Missing dots upon the landscape,

I've stored this detail, I analyse it.

All of me is occupied by the bigger picture.

I'm consumed by meaning

I believe we can exist together within it;

how do our strengths serve one another?

Never ever do I have just a single thought!

That is my superpower!

Sometimes the sound of pain is so great I escape;

lock myself away.

But then I face the world again.

I was born to sense.

I was born to make sense.

That is my superpower!

Sometimes the power of this feedback loop is overwhelming,

so I retreat

so I re-energise

so I self-love

My Superpower is High Sensitivity.

What is yours?


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