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How long have you been staring at the Fog?

You know that story you tell yourself?

Yeah, you know the one. It begins with self-deprecation.

It's amazing that we function at times between that and the well-meaning of others who say 'can't' or worse 'shouldn't' on your parade.

When you expend energy on yours and others negativity a fog descends, your horizon disappears and your world shrinks a little.

You create boundaries, build walls. How wide and how high would you say yours are right now?

Then there's that memory; you know that one where you decided you weren't enough?

What made you trust that one event so much that it stopped you from taking a step toward (fill in your aspiration)? What made you give your power away to fear and negativity?

How many years have you sat with 'I'm not good enough' held a glass up to 'I'm not enough' gone to bed with 'I'll make a change... tomorrow' and the alarm goes off and it's yesterday's tomorrow; the same happens and the same internal dialogue plays; it's your mantra, it's your safe.

You even tell everybody else about your aspirations and qualify that you just don't have the patience; what it takes, the why or wherefore and so you continue in your comfortable; uncomfortably

You keep reading the chapters of old; so familiar you recite them off by heart barely even notice the words as they slip off your tongue so adeptly; you certainly don't question them. You allow others to buy in to the story that you wrote when you hit a bump in your road. I wanted to be (fill in your dream here) but, (fill in your reason here).

That story validates your every move, gives you reason to not make a change because, after all 'I'm not good enough' or simply 'I'm not enough' have validated you for so many years how could you possibly live without them now?

Your comfort blanket, your excuse for not moving on and writing the story that you intended when you were young when you once believed you could because you had the imagination to dream to be; a scientist, an astronaut, a beautician, a hairstylist, a firefighter, a stockbroker, a painter, a writer, an ice cream sales person, a builder, a mechanic.

Then, back when, you allowed your imagination to wander you believed you could do whatever you wanted; run a marathon, climb Mount Everest, build a fairy garden, program the next game.

So, when did you decide you couldn't? When did somebody else decide you shouldn't? When did you decide you weren't good enough? When did somebody decide it wasn't good enough for you?

You got stuck on your hamster wheel going around and around and around and... yep! How's that repetition going!

So, what if I told you ordinary people do achieve when they re-write their internal dialogue and believe. What if I said if you are truly passionate and committed to making a change you will find your strengths inside; you will find the way.

Changes don't have to be huge events they can be small steps towards self-awareness. With self-awareness comes strength and with strength comes bigger change.

Was that teacher really right when she said you would amount to nothing?

Were you really right when you fell off your bike and told yourself you couldn't get back up again?

The chapters you recite are old, served you well but, if you are thinking there's something more I need to do tip your cap to the learnings of the past and write a new paragraph. Allow each paragraph to make up the chapters.

Live the way that makes you feel whole. Be passionate again. Let your voice rise.

What do you want tomorrow to look like? Make today your tomorrow of change. Smash down the walls, push down the barriers and take a peak at what lies behind the fog on your horizon. Aren't you curious to find out how amazing you are?

Your amazingness lies beyond the Fog.


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