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My trip to Innovation and Inspiration

On Saturday 18th May 2019, I headed off on the train making my way through the bustling commuters down to South Quays for a 2pm, Walk In Wardrobe event, organised by Daisy Schubert on Le Sorelle.

At Daisy Schubert's 'Walk In Wardrobe' 18th May 2019

In the spirit of saying yes to new experiences, in the spirit of saying yes to making a small difference albeit carried along in the wake of those entrepreneurs that make it their mission to reduce carbon footprint; take responsibility for the environment, I bought a ticket to Daisy Schubert's biannual 'Walk In Wardrobe" event which I found advertised on LinkedIn.

As I always do, I arrived early and took the time to familiarise myself with the location before sitting down for lunch and contemplation about what learning would ensue. I have to admit that I was quite excited by the fact that it was on a boat, I loved the venue.

On my way towards the entrance, I bumped in to Suze Cooper Journalist | Creator of the Social Days flash briefing | Big Tent Media - web design & social media management, who I first met in 2018. She is such a visionary and a creatively inspiring person to be around. Her presence was uplifting.

Shopping spree done, experience enjoyed, Suze Cooper Journalist | Creator of the Social Days flash briefing | Big Tent Media - web design & social media management and I headed home.

We were greeted inside the boat, with a glass of Cava by Lorna and Lassona and Daisy

In my canvas bag, I had a number of pre-loved items which needed a new home; when I say pre-loved I mean mistake, panic buys, that had no business being warn by me at all in which I should never have been seen if I am being perfectly honest.

At the opposite end of the boat, racks of pre-loved clothes that were looking to come home with one of us. Our spree, our experience, was to last 2 hours.

Cava in hand, we sat down and listened to the panelists Roberta Lee a Stylist and founder of Ethical Brand Directory and Tara Button founder of Buy Me Once and author of 'A Life Less Throwaway'.

Roberta Lee had found a way to marry her love of clothes with her values; finding stylish ethical clothing for her clients. After becoming aware of the damaging impact the fashion industry has on the environment, workers and animals, she knew she had to seek out brands that weren’t compromising on aesthetics to be ethical. Her passion shone through as she spoke of this journey which began in 2015.

Tara who had a thriving career in Advertising began her new life's purpose with a pot that lead to research which spurred a thought, that spurred her on to Buy Me Once. What Buy Me Once does is find the most sustainable and durable products on the planet so we don't have to. They also campaign to improve product manufacturing and partner with movements such as iFixit and Fashion Revolution to change the way we shop forever. In recognition of her contribution a book was commissioned and she wrote the words, filled the pages and gave birth to 'A Life Less Throwaway' which now sits on my coffee table.

The panelists were awe inspiring and provided an education making it impossible for me to continue to shop with the same ignorance that was previously born out of my lack of awareness.

Sat almost directly ahead of me was Zoe another member of Daisy's team and I have to admit that I was in love with her entire pre-loved outfit and have to thank her for pointing me in the direction of finding the look I have searched for but, can't find on the high street.

Following our eduction, we were let loose on the racks, that were divided in to colours and seasons and we, the lucky ones with tickets, could take as many items home as we wanted, or could carry, as long as we #tryonfirst.

Sizes, Daisy encouraged, don't mean a thing from brand to brand, if you like it, #tryonfirst was her only stipulation. I did. Some fit, some didn't but, I left with an outfit that I would get my 100 wears out of. It had it's first outing the next day when I went to watch Endgame.

"Will I get 100 wears out of it?" is a question that will shape my future spending. This equally applies to the appliances or any purchase I make; quality over throwaway.

The clothes that I had arrived with, which I had carried in my canvas bag, were tried on by others and some did leave with their new owners. I truly got a buzz from that. It's such a wonderful concept.

My canvas bag replenished, I had one more stop, the handbags exhibited by Charlotte the joint founder of from Belo.

Established in 2018, From Belo are ethically sustainable designer handbags and accessory brand.  Creating beautiful, innovative, multifunctional and convertible handbags for women for a modern-day lifestyle from recycled materials. From Belo work with Casa De Maria, an organisation which helps feed the homeless and those in need in Belo Horizante, Brazil. For every product sold in their collections, this will pay for 2 to 6 meals for the local community. Find out more about the cause.

It was honestly a privilege to be around awe inspiring entrepreneurs that are gentle and passionate in their resolve.

By the next day I had booked my November place, where I will consciously choose my '100 wear' pre-loved items for the winter.

Occasionally, you have the privilege of being carried along in the vision of entrepreneurs that fight like quiet warriors to make the change needed for the greater good.

Attending Daisy Schubert's biannual Walk In Wardrobe event on 18.05.19, felt just like that.

Faced with racks of colourful pre-loved clothing we could take as much home as we could carry, with the proviso that we #tryonfirst therefore, shifting that mind set that makes us purchase what's unsuitable in style or fit and also to be mindful about whether we will wear them again. 100 wears, that's what we ought to be aiming for.

All of these entrepreneurs had married their values and beliefs with their careers and it was with intrigue and admiration that I listened to their journey.

As well as preloved clothing, I came away with a new mantra '100 wears, 100 usages' no throwaway, panic buys. It costs the earth.

Their messages and actions are innovative and inspiring.

Daisy, thank you for your innovation and vision and I can't wait to rifle through more racks in November.

Thank you to Roberta, Tara and Charlotte who have inspired me to make a change; reframe. Thank you also to all who I spoke with as we fashioned our new outfits.

An added gift was catching up with visionary and creatively awe inspiring, Suze Cooper Journalist | Creator of the Social Days flash briefing | Big Tent Media - web design & social media management.

I wonder how saying 'Yes' will educate me next.


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